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Explore the epic world of Warcraft and get to know the legendary characters that have captured the hearts of millions. Discover their stories, abilities, and iconic moments, and join the adventure today.
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Customization for colors, scaleless options & full range of customization should be made available for every race to make them as subtle, unsubtle, badass, cool or pretty as anyone wants. I only want to convey what can be ADDED to the Dracthyr experience, not to take away.

Victor Barbosa
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“We must put this misery behind us. We must enter a new chapter! And so I say to you that, as of this day, we are no longer high elves! In honor of the blood that was shed throughout this kingdom, in honor of the sacrifices of our brothers and sisters, our parents, and our children, in honor of Anasterian... as of this day we will take the name of our royal lineage! As of this day, we are sin'dorei! For Quel'Thalas!”