Washing clothes

Learn how to wash clothes effectively with these smart tips. Discover the best practices and techniques to ensure your clothes are clean and fresh every time you do laundry.
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The paradox of being a grown up is how very poorly prepared we often are for the adult world. Just think of the last time you called your dad to check on that suspicious blinking light on your car’s dash panel. Or the last time you asked your mom how to remove a wine stain from that new shirt you just bought. Speaking of the latter, I've lost count of how many perfectly fine pieces of clothing I ruined in my life just because I didn’t know how to wash, dry and take care of them. If you feel…

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Bitter spray for dogs is easy to use and will keep many pets from returning to an area that's off-limits. However, not every dog is deterred by the spray. Check around your home — you might have simple remedies on hand that your pooch will find off-putting enough to leave it alone.

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