Washington apple drink

Quench your thirst with these delicious Washington Apple drink recipes. Discover how to make the perfect blend of apple and whiskey for a refreshing and flavorful beverage.

Washington state is known for its incredible apples. That’s why this apple cocktail is perfect for planning a trip to Washington, or if you live in Washington! It’s simple to make and tastes great.

Brenda Lucas
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Day 7 Washington Apple Cocktail 2.5 shots out of 5 In honor of our very first President of the United States, I dedicate tonight's cocktail to President George Washington. Tonight's cocktail is the Washington Apple! The first time I had ever heard of this drink was when I turned 30 and my husband, friends and I went to a club to celebrate. The bartender gave us a round of shots, in them was what he called a Washington Apple. Not having any idea of what it was made of, I opened the hatch and…

Sondra Layton Madison