Water wise

Discover how to create a beautiful and sustainable landscape that conserves water. Learn about water-wise gardening techniques and plants to save water while enhancing your outdoor space.
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In celebration of Earth Day, we’re recycling our favorite articles on water-wise garden design. This collection of eco-friendly articles includes information about plants that are drought-tolerant yet still add color and texture to the garden, and ideas for arranging environmentally-conscious plants into your design.

Nicole Burns
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Source: https://bit.ly/3NolxQg How to save water and live more sustainably? Water is the most precious commodity on Earth and in the Middle East we have the highest consumption per capita worldwide. This holds true especially for countries like the UAE and Qatar, where desalination is the only way to have access

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Each year Rowland Water District hosts an annual poster contest where students are encouraged to create posters which depict water being used wisely at home, in the community, in recreation, in the environment or new water saving ideas for the future. Our goal is to get students thinking about the importance of our

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