Wavy hair care

Discover effective tips and tricks to care for your wavy hair. Learn how to enhance your natural waves and achieve gorgeous, frizz-free locks with these expert-recommended techniques.
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Unlock the secrets to your gorgeous wavy hair! Dive into the wavy girl method and discover the essential steps for your perfect waves. Embrace your natural beauty with our wavy hair care tips and achieve those dreamy waves you've always wanted. Say hello to your next fabulous hair days!

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Is Your Hair Actually Wavy Or Are You Forcing It? This question, or ones related to it, are really common to see in wavy hair communities online. After people find the curly girl method or test if their hair is wavy, they may even have others around them tell them their hair isn’t actually wavy. […]

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The Wavy Hair method is a modified version of the "Curly Girl Method." There are KEY differences between wavy hair and curly hair. This is the Curly Girl Method (CGM) for Wavy Hair. Learn about your wavy hair here!

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There are affiliate links in this post. What Is Low Porosity Hair? Low porosity hair is hair that has tightly closed hair cuticles. Our hair cuticle is often compared to a pinecone (closed for low porosity, open for high porosity). Another analogy for the hair cuticle is a shingled roof, with a newly made roof […]

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