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Hi Eveyone, My name is Gourav Kashyap, I am Technical Graduate in Computer Science and I have created this Page The Technology Zone that linked with my blog I have created this blog to share my interests and view with the inventions and releases in mobiles market. This blog is just to share new discoveries which are going on with in mobile and electronic gadgets industry. I hope you will like it.

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Along the thousand years of evolution of human beings, we have formed a certain bionic and psycho model communicating with the outside world. Ordinarily, the communication tunnel is not a single thread through a particular organ, it is actually working in a mixed information signal field through the inputs which we call five senses of...

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Wearable is the gadget that can be worn down. This gadget usually has smart sensors which are connected to the internet/ network for data exchange. In 2000, the first Bluetooth wearable device was sold and in 2017 first Fitbit watch was launched. The famous Google glass launched in 2013,

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Wearable Technology also referred to as wearable tech or wearables, is the devices or sensors that can be worn on or embedded in our body to perform a specific task or function. These are the type of assistive technology (AT) that is fast-changing with time in terms of size, battery.

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