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Looking for a prank that will leave everyone in stitches? Check out these wedgie prank ideas that are guaranteed to bring on the laughs and create unforgettable memories.
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One particularly bleary-eyed Monday morning, I received an email from Levi's with a new denim style to show me. It was called the Wedgie. After some aggressive blinking and another swallow of caffeine, I looked again. Wedgie. The Wedgie. (The Wedgie?) Imagining this as some sort of typo, I perked up and clicked (you know, it's my job to look into these important matters to deliver to you, fine readers, out there!), and there it was: "The Wedgie is vintage-inspired and embodies the heritage…

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He dumped it on her head! 💦 (husband pranks wife) Please be advised that this page’s videos are intended for entertainment purposes only. They include...

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A guy is walking down the street and he sees his friend with a black eye.   He asks him what happened.   His friends says, Funny Stories, Funny Jokes, Humour, Joke Of The Day Your Boyfriend, Wife Jokes, Funny Jokes For Adults, Funny Jokes To Tell, Joke Of The Day, Funny Long Jokes

He asks him what happened. His friends says, “Well I was in church and...” The man interrupts “Church! How do you get hurt in church?” The friend continues, “Well, I was sitting behind this woman Angelina, and after a while, what with all the standing, sitting and kneeling, I noticed she...

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