What is a mantra

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What's a mantra?

So what is your mantra? What is it that you repeat each and every day over and over in your mind? Is it enhancing your life or self sabotaging your life? Our words and our thoughts have power, when we use mantras we enhance our life and make significant changes in our personal growth. What is a mantra and how do you create one?Mantra’s are sacred sounds, syllables, words or phrases, usually in Sanskrit, that when chanted, build our spiritual and psychological power. These ancient spiritual…

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Why are Mantras so Important for Meditation?

Have you heard of mantras for meditation but not sure what the big deal is? The Power of Mantras is undeniable and those who use them regularly will always attest to the greatness of mantras. Especially using mantras in meditation. Read the post for inspiration and proper usage of mantras and meditation.

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