What is a soul

Uncover the profound concept of the soul and its significance in human existence. Discover the essence of the soul and its role in shaping our beliefs, emotions, and purpose in life.
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Mystics, sages, poets, holy people, and shamans throughout the ages have always known that the soul doesn’t speak the human language. Instead, the soul communicates with us through symbols, metaphors, archetypes, poetry, deep feelings, and ordinary magic. The human language is far too limiting to express the full spectrum of profound knowledge, insight, and revelation that the soul has to share. The reality is that most of us were never taught to tune into the sacred and wild voice of our…

The Awakened Babe
What is a soul? Your soul is the immaterial essence and totality of who you are at a core level – it is your true nature. Keep reading to learn more ... Meditation, Ancient Art, Fairy Tales, Moonchild, Moon Child, Crystal Children, Fantasy, Starseed, True Nature

Understanding the nature of the soul is perhaps one of the most fundamental and essential tasks on the spiritual path. Without knowing what the soul is and how it relates to our life here on earth, we can easily get lost, confused, and stranded. Below we explore this mysterious force, how to get in touch with it, how to distinguish it from Spirit, and more. Table of contentsWhat is a Soul?Can Your Soul Disappear or Die?Do Plants, Animals, and Other Lifeforms Have a Soul?Can a Person Be Born…

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