Discover the art of whittling and learn how to carve beautiful creations out of wood. Get started with our beginner's guide and unleash your creativity with this timeless craft.
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This article will explain how to get started in wood carving (figure carving or whittling) it's also sometimes referred to as carving in the round. I've been carving for 4 years and this is what I've found helpful to me. I'm a new enough carver to know what new carvers want, but experienced enough to…

Tonja Paynter
Learn All You Need To Know About Wood Whittling - Bored Art Origami, Turtles, Crochet, Jumpers, Turtle Brooch, Shawl Pin, Brooch Pin, Wood Turtle, Koa Wood

There are so many pastimes that people indulged in the past that one almost took them for granted. Nobody thought of those activities as art and usually tended to view them with warm affection and mild admiration. It is only today when life has left us with very less time to indulge in such things, do we realize the value of those things and consider classifying them as works of art. Wood whittling that men of the past used to indulge in is one of these. If you have ever wondered what is…

Jordon Orr

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