Wild Game

Explore a variety of mouthwatering wild game recipes that will satisfy your adventurous palate. From succulent venison steaks to flavorful rabbit stews, discover new ways to enjoy the thrill of cooking and eating wild game.
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Duck gumbo is one of my favorite dishes. It's a one-pot meal that's hearty and satisfying. This time, I'm using duck two ways in this classic Louisiana meal. First, I'm braising the dark quarters in the soup. Next, I grill the crispy-skinned duck breast for the topping. The rest of the duck I use to

Cheryl Stapp
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Speed Goat Birria Tacos Now let’s get into what Birria is shall we? Birria is a traditional Mexican dish that utilizes slow cooked goat meat along with guajillo chilies, garlic, thyme, cumin and bay leaves to create a beautiful soup or stew. Leftovers are typically turned into amazing tacos. The tortillas are dipped in the

Mackenzie Tardiff
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This elk steak roulade recipe is just one more way to utilize some of the wild game roasts you have in the freezer. It's perfect for a special occasion and simple enough to make during any day of the week. Cook it indoors or outdoors. I used jarred artichoke hearts, combined with baby spinach, ricotta

Drea DeRose
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I love seasonal cooking especially when we have a bumper crop in the garden. It's really rewarding to be able to prepare a meal that we harvested in the field and combine ingredients from the harvest in the garden. The older I become, the more important it is to me to know where my food

Jen Stanfield-Dawson