William afton

Delve into the enigmatic story of William Afton, a key character in the popular video game series. Explore the dark secrets and shocking revelations surrounding this intriguing figure.
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william afton oneshots aint no way bruh 💀 I am cringing hard asf reading this back what was wrong with me ill leave it up anyway but pls wtf is this highest rankings: #1 in 'aftussy' #8 in 'five nights at freddy's' #20 in 'afton' #13 in 'william x reader' #2 in 'william afton' cover artist: @/melokoi on twitter

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canon moo nialin - Smart businessman. - Insane man who tricks victims using fake identities. -Crazy man who wants immortality. - Killer of over five children. - was once the founder and CEO of Afton Robotics, LLC. - was once the co-owner of Fredbear's Family Diner. - Criminal. fanon -Stupid and dumb serial killer with Purple Skin - Gay for Phone Guy - likes toast because he's stupid -Sometimes called Vincent

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(‼️THIS STORY WILL BE A TWO IN ONE, IM KEEPING THE OTHER CHAPTERS I HAVE UP THERE AND THERE WILL BE A NEW STORY BELOW MY AUTHOR NOTES WITH EVERYTHING NEW SO IM BASICALLY DISCONTINUING THE FIRST ONE. THE DESCRIPTION BELOW THIS WILL REMAIN THE SAME‼️) Your 23 and you decided to get a job, you chose Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria. Your co-workers name is William Afton and he gets a little distracted by his new acquaintance. (art_melokoi) (started 06/6/22)

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