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Ensure the safety of your home and loved ones with these essential window safety tips. Learn how to prevent accidents and create a secure environment for your family.
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About this item 🌿Let The Summer Breeze Sweep Through Your Home --- Children have an eager desire to explore their surroundings.sometimes this curiosity leads to dangerous situations. This window bar guard can protect your kids from window falling accident. If you want to be able to throw your windows open safely, this child window guard would be your perfect option. 📏Adjusatble to Fit Various Window Widths --- The fairy baby child window guard fits most styles of windows including…

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Building and Installing Easily Removable Window Fall Restraints By Larry Walton Photos by Mark Walton “Did you leave the windows open upstairs?” asked the bride of my youth. “Yes,” I said cautiously. “Don’t you think Sunny (our dog) will jump out?” “No, she seems happy to me,” I […]

Stay safe by installing window safety locks.  Keep burglars out, keep kids from falling out the window. #safety #window #locks Decoration, Home, Safety And Security, Windows, Window Safety, Window Security, Window Locks, Safety Locks, Home Security Tips

There’s something about myself that I haven’t ever told you guys. Are you sitting down? {Well, dur, you probably are if you are on your computer!} Okay, here goes nothing… I. am. super. paranoid. and. neurotic. about. random. things. that. probably. really. aren’t. that. big. a. deal. Like for example, I love roller coasters, but […]

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