Wine infused salt

Enhance the flavors of your dishes with wine infused salt. Explore a variety of mouthwatering recipes that showcase the unique taste and aroma of this gourmet seasoning.
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Flavoured Salt Recipes | Chew Town Food Blog

Some years I’m all over Christmas… but most years I’m not. Last year was definitely one of the latter years, but looking at how November is progressing I’m fist pumping at the universe because I’m dead on track to deliver Christmas joy all up in this place. I’m not entirely sure why this is the […]

Lisa Dvorak
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Red Wine Sea Salt (with Video) ⋆ Sugar, Spice and Glitter

After my recent trip to Bentonville, Arkansas where I stocked up on unique spices, I wanted to try my hand at making an infused salt – and the result is this decadent Red Wine Sea Salt! Red Wine Sea Salt Recipe Sea salt has long been the go-to solution for red wine stains, but who...

Kathy Bailey