Winter preparedness

Get ready for the winter season with these essential tips to keep you safe and comfortable. Learn how to stay warm, protect your home, and be prepared for any winter emergency.
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Massive winter storms happen a lot and with the continuous and drastic climate change, we should happen it to happen more. These weather disturbances, when in extreme conditions, can cause power outages and could affect a lot of lives. Knowing how to keep warm without electricity is a survival skill that most people should know. […]

10 Emergency Foods You Must Stock for a Power Outage Situation | The House That Never Slumbers Emergency Preparation, Life Hacks, Homestead Survival, Camping, Emergency Preparedness, Emergency Preparedness Food, Emergency Preparedness Food Storage, Emergency Food Supply, Emergency Food Storage

10 Nonperishable Foods You Must Stock for a Power Outage Situation - If you are wondering what foods to stock up on for a power outage or other emergency situation, do not fear. As a long time prepper (my kids say hoarder), I know the best food to buy for a power outage, quarantine, or

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