Witch doctor

Explore the ancient art of witch doctoring and discover powerful spells and rituals for healing and protection. Learn how to harness the mystical energies and unlock your true potential.
The Witch Doctor of Tanzania - Photo © Nick Riley - The Witch Doctor is a multi-gallery photo essay. Nick was allowed to photograph during the healing sessions conducted by a witch doctor in a poor suburb of Dar Es Salaam. In a tiny room filled with incense, & lined with various shells, leaves, carvings, coins, jars and packets of various powders. It was there that the witch doctor started her magic.These are extremely atmospheric photographs Witch Doctor, Doctor In, Fight For Freedom, Photo Essay, Travel Photographer, Tanzania, Girl Power, Riley, Nick

Photo © Nick Riley-All Rights Reserved "For issues of love and business, property and health, people in Tanzania will visit a witch doctor. The job description appears to vary significantly between individuals. Some can help to find lost property, others specialise in healing the unwell, others still in raising curses on those that have wronged you." My readers will immediately know that this photography essay is one that The Travel Photographer's blog relishes in featuring. But first things…

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