Woodsy backyard ideas

Transform your backyard into a cozy and natural oasis with these woodsy ideas. Discover how to add rustic charm and beauty to your outdoor space.
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Moss & Stone Gardens specializes in garden design and installation featuring moss, stone, water, and plantings. We transform ordinary spaces into lush, tranquil garden landscapes, weaving textures and colors into a soothing, visually exciting palette that stimulates the senses and invokes serenity and peace. We provide onsite consultation to determine your wants and needs and [...]

Yasuko Ishida
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Minnesota is home to 17.7 million acres of forestland. With about a third of the whole state covered in trees, there’s a decent chance your property borders on a wooded area—yes, even in Minneapolis. While these forests can be absolutely beautiful, they can also make... The post Landscape Design in Wooded Areas appeared first on KG Landscape Management.

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