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“World of Tomorrow” MGM cartoons from the mid-20th century. Futuristic Architecture, Angeles, Mead, Los Angeles, Everybody Always, Syd Mead, Sci Fi City, World Of Tomorrow, Cyberpunk Aesthetic

In 2013, a day in the life of a Los Angeles family of four is an amazing testament to technological progress and the idealistic society that can be achieved...or at least that's what the Los Angeles Times Magazine was hoping for 25 years ago. Back in April 1988, the magazine ran a special cover story called "L.A. 2013" and presented what a typical day would be like for a family living in the city.

Tomorrow People - The World of The Future �– Voices of East Anglia Vintage Futuristic, Dome Houses, Future Architecture, Bubble House, Futurisme Retro, Dome Home, Retro Future, World Of Tomorrow, Dome House

Who’d be a futurologist eh? You try your hardest to predict what’s likely to happen in a generation or so and almost inevitably you’ll get a least 50% of it wrong. These magazine articles and books from the 1950s and 1970s are wildly inaccurate when predicting we’ll all be living under glass domes by the 1990s [&hellip

Walter De Marco
This 1950s Futuristic Food Truck Could Bake Bread in Just Nine Seconds — Paleofuture Atomic Age, Future Inventions, Vintage Futurism, Vintage Scifi, Alternative History, Retro Future, Aston Martin Db5, World Of Tomorrow, Bd Comics

These days you can get just about anything from a food truck: pulled pork waffles, cheeseburger sushi, and even snail lollipops. But how about freshly baked bread, made to order in just nine seconds? That was the vision of a 1956 ad for, of all things, ball bearings.

Lorenzo Leal