Wrapped chicken

Discover a variety of mouthwatering wrapped chicken recipes to satisfy your taste buds. Try these easy and flavorful dishes for a delicious and satisfying meal.
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Spice up your mealtime with homemade Buffalo Chicken Wraps, featuring spicy, tangy chicken enveloped in a soft tortilla with crisp veggies. Quick, flavorful, and endlessly customizable, it's the perfect meal for any day.

Sarah Flowers
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Bacon wrapped. Need I say more? This dish is meaty, rich and satisfying. Tender chicken stuffed with a cheesy, rich filling and encased in crisp, salty bacon. I don't know about you, but anything involving bacon has me swooning. If your chicken breasts are overly thick, you can pound them out a b

Darlene Striker
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Spicy and delicious, this Chipotle Chicken Wrap is a simple and fun dinner (or lunch) that the family is sure to enjoy. The combination of flavors with the marinated chicken, turkey bacon, and chipotle sauce as the main ingredients creates an extremely tasty wrap. The heat level of the chipotle sauce is easy to adjust depending on how much heat you want. We love how easy this is to prepare, while providing another delicious way to eat a healthy meal.

Jordan Springer