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a collage of photos with people and books
two pictures of a man talking on a cell phone while sitting at a dinner table
marauders  #remuslupin #siriusblack #wolfstar sirius/james roseki
marauders #jamespotter #regulusblack #jegulus #remuslupin #siriusblack #wolfstar sirius/james rosekiller, wolfstar, slytherins, jegulus, School years make me very emotional. When they were just allowed to be kids wolfstar text post fan art Harry, James Potter Sirius black and remus lupin from marauders, Jegulus ship, Starchaser, Lily Evans, Draco Malfoy, Hermione Granger sirius orion black slytherin skittles barty crouch bartemius crouch jr evan
an image of some comics with different characters
a painting of a woman looking at books in a bookcase and reaching for something
remus lupin in the library
amazing art found on tumblr - as credited
@p4perback — on Instagram
a drawing of a man with his back turned to the camera, wearing brown pants
Remus lupin
a person sitting on a bean bag chair talking on a cell phone with the word remus written across their face
Remus Lupin teenage dirtbag fanart
a painting of a man holding a lit candle in front of his face with the words b - day boy on it
moony‘s birthday
a man sitting at a table with an open book and cup of coffee in front of him
a painting of a woman looking into a suitcase in a library with bookshelves
Art by @julesart.04