Entertainment Industry Infographics

Infographics and data visualizations that focus on the topic of the entertainment industry (i.e. celebrities, movies, music, television, etc.)
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All Ears: Mickey Mouse Through The Years

All Ears: Mickey Mouse Through The Years

The Young Singer’s Guide to Vocal Warm Ups

Warm ups are important for any physical activity. Singers should also try it to perform better. This infographic from California Music Studios serves as a guide to vocal warm ups:👉 Trade Bitcoin & rare cryptocurrencies with Changelly

The Ultimate List of Musicians Lost to Drugs

This ultimate list of rockers and celebrities who died from drugs shows us the constant toll that drugs like heroin have had on popular culture.

Stephen King in Film

This infographic showcases Stephen King movies, both those which have raked in cash in the box office and those which barely made any.

Vinyl is Back and Here to Stay

Vinyl is back and here to stay. Why is vinyl so popular again and why should you get some record yourself? With vinyl music almost disappearing in

The Best Disney Couples of All Time

The Best Disney Couples of All Time

Technical Awards at the Oscars

The Oscars' technical awards celebrate and highlight amazing achievements in the movie industry. This infographic from Electronic World showcases some of the best editing and special effects in recent films in a fun, visual and interesting way.

50 Iconic Movie Character Transformations

50 Iconic Movie Character Transformations

Movies That Make You Feel Claustrophobic

The world of cinema often tightens the walls around us and provides truly claustrophobic encounters. They might give us the thrill of feeling heightened tension and a sense of entrapment. This infographic explores 6 claustrophobic films.

Ferris Bueller: The 2017 Model

Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, the iconic story about a lovable scamp playing hooky from school, is over 30 years old and still as relevant, fun, and.