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Messy and wonderful art full of color and playfulness. Some illustrations and paintings too - all very yummy to me. Inspiration and happiness.
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Elise Gravel illustration • bugs • fox • bunny • nature • watercolor • orange • painting • art •

Elise Gravel illustration - simple forms (circles) and patterns (lines and dots) combined with playful colours (pastel and bold) create fun illustrations of characters


My Sister, Art Journals, Drawing Ideas, Art Reference, Ghost Drawing, Sad Sketches, Adam Parrish, Illustrations, Love Art


Mistaken identity by Ken Wong - Cover of Mogwai "Take Me Somewhere Nice" - illustration painting girl portrait fishbowl goldfishes

'If kisses were wishes' - by Anita Jeram, English author and illustrator of picture books for children.

If Wishes Were Kisses - Anita Jeram [dandelion, Taraxacum officinale, Asteraceae] dandelions

Defend the Rights of Women and Girls.  Amnesty International by Shepard Fairey

Another good one for International Women's Day! Shepard Fairey Poster, Defend Rights of Women & Girls