Ivana Adamcová

Ivana Adamcová

trochu môjho spevu na: http://bandzone.cz/yulunga
Ivana Adamcová
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would be cute pic for parents to be pulling wagon

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Rebirth II by cobaltplasma on DeviantArt

Aaron Nakahara: Flights of Fantasy Aaron Nakahara (aka Cobaltplasma) is an independent artist based in Hawaii. He is currently working on a personal project, creating a role-playing based game.

Unclose your mind. You are not a prisoner. You are a bird in flight, searching the skies for dreams.    Haruki Murakami

Just a regular DMT trip your body will experience every night which we call a dream. Lets all take a couple hits of dream, extinguish our egos and open our minds to the ignorance and destruction we collectively cause.