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a woman standing in the water with a clock on her head and words above it
a lone tree in the middle of a field with a quote from person on it
two dandelions flying in the sky with words written below them that read,
footprints in the snow leading to a tree with a sunset behind it and a quote written below
a black and white photo with the words'tave kore, hovori me intriccia, je tyofa duse deveru
a person's hand in the rain through a window with words written on it
a girl reaching up to the sky with her hands in the air and stars above her
a heart shaped object in the middle of space with words above it that say,
a woman with long blonde hair and pink lipstick
a woman sitting in the back seat of a car with her head turned to the side
a wooden walkway with the words,'coho sa boj time, to prital
Citáty – Stránka 16 – Cesta Lásky
a heart shaped object floating in water with the words love on it's side
the sun is setting over some trees in the snowy mountains with snow on them, and there is a quote above it that says slunce je take samo, la presto
a dandelion with the words in russian on it