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Xiumin (EXO). I find this adorable.

{gif} Minseok was so serious in pouring the drink into his glass that he didnt realized the camera was on him all this time ㅋㅋㅋ Cutie Pie this is a man in his mid-twenties can we please talk about that - exo - xiumin ---SO CUTEE

JB you got my heart feeling some kind of way.

I mistakenly ate your yogurt but don't be this mad, jb.

JB - GOT7 "니가 하면(If You Do)" M/V

JB - "니가 하면(If You Do)" M/V Closer look @ the footwork. Seriously, the best dancing I've seen in a M/V.


{open: JB} i cross my legs and look out the window, hmm. I look down at my sketchbook and look out again, starting to draw the kids who were training when younwalk in.

“Do it for the vine ” aaa no big deal, just a quick animation practice of hinata jumping over kageyama’s head just because he can~

I could watch this all day. Hinata jumping over a milk-drinking Kageyama.

Image result for haikyuu tsukishima in a police costume

Mindblowing scandal of Tsukishima Kei. like my head just went blank after seeing this. Pin this because you love Tsukishima (and the Strawberry Shortcake)?