Slovakia, St Elizabeh's Cathedral, built in 13th century

St. Elizabeth Cathedral, Kosice, East Slovakia

Kosice, Slovakia, St Elizabeth's Cathedral, built in century

St. Elizabeth Cathedral in Kosice Slovakia, my cousin got married here.

Elizabeth Cathedral in Kosice, Slovakia -- not far from where my grandfather…

Ethos in Kocise, Slovakia  unurth | street art

Huge Black And White Street Art Murals Start As Small Pen Drawings- Brazilian street artist Claudio Ethos

Kosice Slovakia

A small selection of photographs to discover the Street Art of Polish artists SAINER and BEZT from the ETAM CRU. Between acrylic paintings and gigantic murals, some monumental and impressive creations, colorful and full of poetry!

Paris in Île-de-France

Paris in Île-de-France