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a card with an image of a priest
Mikuláš za oknom
the words are written in different languages
a woman is vacuuming the floor in her living room with an orange and pink frame
a girl and boy holding hands with a pencil in front of the caption that says,
a girl holding a giant pencil in front of a sign that says styrtrok
a girl reading a book in spanish with the words nedela written below her head
a child holding a paintbrush and palette in front of a sign that says,
a boy is holding a ball in his hand and the words are written on it
an image of two children holding hands with the words ponedlok written in spanish
the text is written in different languages and has hearts shaped balloons on top of it
an image of a mother and her child on a yellow background with the words povedi mi mama
the words are in different languages, and there is an image of two children sitting next to each other
the poem is written in two languages, and it appears to be from an old book