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a large group of ferrets huddled together in a pile on top of each other
I want in that #ferret pile! sushination: ferret pile by EidolonWeasel on Flickr. IMMA DIP IN DAT POOL OF Lo0o0o0ov.~ :( No srsly tho. I wish I could.
a black and white ferret is sitting on the ground
Black and white ferret - Love it's markings! so cute
a woman holding a white ferret in her arms
Jem, Alicardy's ferret. He found him drowning, and saved the little guy, and they've been together ever since.
two small ferrets are peeking out from behind a wall and looking at the camera
ferret faces! So cute!! And btw, their fur looks much better on them than on anyone else!! Ferrets are mainly used in fur farming :(
two ferrets wearing sweaters with their mouths open
Cat Spraying No More
Ferrets in sweaters
a white rat sitting on top of a wooden floor covered in blue and pink tissue paper
three ferrets are sitting in the grass and one is looking at the camera
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a man holding a bunch of ferrets in his hands while standing next to each other
WANT! GOALS! picture from (@ferret_neet) on Instagram
several ferrets in a bathtub with rubber toys
I want exotic pets
two ferrets are on the grass and one is wearing a bat costume with wings
The Internet's Most Asked Questions
The Batferret Is a New Kind Of Pet
two ferrets are laying in a hammock with black and white designs
out of this world cute
a ferret is standing on its hind legs with it's front paws up
Fuzzy ferrty butt!
a man is holding a small animal in his arms and looking at the camera with an intense look on his face
a small white ferret is sitting in a hammock on the tile floor
I'll love you forever if you get me one!
a ferret is sleeping in a hammock