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the new mac website is shown in black and white
the text is displayed in white and black
Mr. Rodgers’ care and attention to detail
an info sheet describing how far in advance should you book?
How to Actually Find Affordable Airfare
How to Actually Find Affordable Air Fare
a map of the interstate road trip route
International Living - #1 Resource for Retiring, Living and Investing Overseas
an image of some kind of metal item on the webpage, and it looks like they
an article about the blue ringed octopus is shown in this screenshot from google
Blue ringed octopus paralysis first aid
an image of two women in front of the u s capitol building and one woman holding papers
3rd century Rome had a major woman problem. Her name was Zenobia, and she took over a huge chunk of their empire in her brief and tumultuous career as rebel queen.
an email message to someone who is not talking on the phone, and it appears to be
an image of a text description for the poem's title, which is written in english
the website for an aircraft manufacturer
40+ Best Tumblrs Ever