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#AtlantaBraves pitcher #ShaeSimmons sustained a UCL tear to his pitching elbow and underwent surgery to repair it. He will miss the entire 2015 season while recovering. #SportsInjuries

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#GiancarloStanton was hit in the face by an 88 mph pitch when the #MiamiMarlins took on the #MilwaukeeBrewers Thursday night. The star outfielder had his stitches removed on Tuesday, but with multiple facial fractures and dental damage, Stanton may be out for the season. Check out more professional #sportsinjuries at

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#BrainMcCann was placed on the #NewYork #Yankees 7-day concussion disabled list after being hit in the mask by a foul ball Friday night. After showing signs of fogginess in the sixth inning, McCann was replaced by a pinch-hitter. Check out more #baseballinjuries online at #MLB

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The New York #Yankees lost their fifth starting pitcher to #injury this week as #DavidPhelps was placed on the disabled list with right elbow tendinitis. Phelps will not practice over the next two weeks, and may need time to strengthen his arm after his stint on the DL expires. Take a look at all kinds of elbow #injuries in sports at #MLB

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#JoshBeckett has returned to the #LosAngeles #Dodgers starting lineup after suffering hip impingement, involving a torn labrum and two cysts on his hip. The pitcher was reinstated on Tuesday after coming off the DL. Check out more #injuries in professional sports at #Baseball

  Troy Tulowitzki, Baseball Injuries, Colorado Rockies, Sport Casual, Thighs, Sporty, Legs, Running

#TroyTulowitzki had an early exit from the #Rockies’ 3-2 loss in extra innings on Saturday. The shortstop suffered a leg cramp in his thigh when running out a ground ball in the fourth inning. #ColoradoRockies #injuries

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Outfielder #CollinCowgill will undergo surgery on his thumb and his nose after an attempted bunt. Cowgill has been placed on the #LosAngelesAngels DL, and is expected to need 4-5 weeks to recover. Look inside more #baseball #injuries online at #MLB

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#MasahiroTanaka has been placed on the New York #Yankees disabled list with an elbow #injury. The star pitcher has a partially torn UCL, and hopes he won’t need Tommy John surgery in order to recover. Take a look at common elbow #injuries in sports at #baseball

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#DavidWright was scratched from the #Mets lineup last Friday, but expects to return soon after suffering a bruised rotator cuff in his left shoulder. The third baseman did not travel with the team to #Atlanta this week. #injuredplayer

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#AlbertPujols of the Los Angeles #Angels has been suffering a groin #injury from a swollen lymph node the size of a golf ball. The swelling should go down on its own as the infection heals, and Pujols will not be sidelined while he recovers. #LAAngels #baseball

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The top prospect for the #HoustonAstros organization #CarlosCorrea will head to the DL after injuring his ankle Saturday night. The shortstop slid into third base when he suffered the #injury, and was carried off the field during the sixth inning. Find out more about ankle #injuries in sports at #baseball

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#GavinFloyd sustained an elbow fracture Thursday night when pitching a seventh inning curveball against the #Nationals. The Atlanta #Braves do not expect to have their starting pitcher back on the mound until next season. #injuredplayer

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San Diego #Padres first baseman #YonderAlonso was not in the lineup for Tuesday or Wednesday’s matchups as he struggles with soreness in his right wrist. After not progressing quickly through recovery, Alonso is expected to need time on the 15-day #DL. Learn more about #MLB #injuries at

  Bruised Knees, Baseball Injuries, Ny Yankees, Sport Casual, Lineup, Victorious, Rest, Friday, Baseball Cards

#BrianRoberts sustained a bruised knee in the #Yankees’ victory Friday night over the #OaklandA’s. Roberts finished the game, but was taken out of the lineup for the rest of the weekend. #baseballinjuries #NYYankees

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#YasielPuig returned to the Dodgers’ right field on Monday. The #LADodgers outfielder had sustained a minor strain to his right hip flexor on a slide into second base over the weekend. #injuries #MLB

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The Tampa Bay #Rays moved RF #WilMyers to the DL after he suffered a wrist injury in Friday night’s loss to the #RedSox. Myers is currently in a cast for a stress fracture, and will not return for two months as he recovers and rehabilitates his wrist. #injuries #baseball