The Riviera

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a room filled with lots of glassware on top of a wooden floor next to a wall
Riviera (1/2") Glass Unit
Many people want shelving that’s trendy and will match alternating aesthetics. Our shelving units are made to withstand constantly changing trends, and create a timeless look that will always add a beautiful design to your space! We love how all the different elements in this space by @ronnie_rabena , including our Riviera 1/2” Glass Unit, came together to create an elevated and unique look! What do you love about this space? Design: @ronnie_rabena Pictured Product: Riviera 1/2 Glass Unit
a kitchen filled with lots of counter top space next to a sink and window covered in glass
Riviera (1/2") Glass Unit
the shelves are filled with bottles, glasses and other items on display in front of a wooden paneled wall
Riviera (1/2") Glass Unit
the shelves in this kitchen are filled with dishes and vases, along with plants
1” Riviera Round Bracket
a large kitchen with wooden floors and gray cabinetry, along with an island in the middle
Riviera 1” Glass Unit
Adding handcrafted/ custom elements to your kitchen will instantly elevate it and make it unique. This amazing kitchen features our artisan-crafted Riviera 1” Glass unit in Aged Brass. Tap above to shop now! Design: @thedendesigngroup Builder: @urbanpachomes Photographer: @jessicafixphotography