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11M views · 57K reactions | How did I not know about this easy pasta dish? | How did I not know about this easy pasta dish? With great and common ingredients you can make this easy pasta recipe that is so good! Made with love by... | By Chef Lorenzo's Suburban Chaos | Got our string cheese. Manicotti pasta. Put it inside. Just like that. We have our marinara rose. This is the spicy can. Ooh. Put it all over your manicotti. A nice quantity. Look at this. We got our shredded chicken now. Put all this gorgeousness around. I like a lot of shredded chicken. You can put less. Here I'm putting the middle as well. Some chicken broth next. Cuz we want to put the pasta raw and so we want it to cook with some liquid. Wow. All around. So you don't even have to cook it in a pot. Exactly. Amazing. One pan super easy. Mm. Pasta, okay? That's about it. About half through the manicurti. Have some salt. Oh yeah, you need that to pull out all the flavors. Yeah, I want to season my chicken. And some Italian seasoning as well. Very important. Mm these flavors are smelling really good. And it's not even cooked yet and I can already smell. Look at these got all the good stuff. This got the oregano, the rosemary, the measuring. Yes. Yeah. Now for the most important part, I have some homemade mozzarella. Of course. Always need cheese with pasta. I want to put this all on top of the chicken so it stays nice and juicy. Just like that. And to top it up a notch. Step it a notch up. Italian style. This is a blend of all the good cheeses. Like Parmesan, pecorino, you know the asiago, all the good Italian cheeses in one. This is like super convenient, okay? And don't be afraid of the cheese. Put Okay, if you want to you can spread it a little bit. And that's it. This is the easiest manicotti you'll ever have. Okay? Wow. Okay, now we want to bake this goodness for 30 minutes at 350 in the oven. Let's go. Ooh, that is so fast. Way faster than a pot. I'm so excited. Oh my goodness. Nice and bubbly. Mm. Okay, this is how you eat it. I have some maricotta cheese over here. Ooh. I have my plate. I'm going to take one spoon and the other spoon here and make a nice canal. Look at that. Put it there. Finish with some extra virgin olive oil. A touch. And some nice oregano. Let's play this up. Fancy. That crunch. Yeah, that's so crunchy. I love crispy cheese. Look at that. I'm excited for the string cheese. Yeah. Oh my gosh. I want to see that. Nice bite over here. Okay, let's cut into this beauty over here. Nice and crunch. Wow. Okay. Look at this nice melted cheese. Look at that. Mm. Alright let's try it. The string cheese. Forgot how it was cold. So you put some ricotta in here. Mm. Yum. Oh my God. Do not skip the ricotta okay? It's so good. Mm I wish you could try. There was a hair in your fridge too.
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The Lasagna Ring That's Breaking The Internet! 😍😱 | How are we just learning this now?! 😱😍 | By The Shaba Kitchen | We're going to lay our last one in here. Just like that. Next we're just going to sprinkle the bottom with some mozzarella cheese. Now for our next layer I'm going to add some well seasoned ground beef and we just cooked this with a little bit of tomato sauce. Then we're going to create another layer using our noodles. We'll add another one over here. And one more over here. Now for our next layer I'm going to take some ricotta cheese. Then we're going to add one egg and some freshly chopped basil. Half a cup of shredded Parmesan cheese. A little bit of salt. And some freshly cracked black pepper. And then we're just going to mix that all together. Now let's spread that ricotta cheese mixture all on top of the lasagna noodles. There we go. Just like that. And once again we're going to go back in with a layer of lasagna. And there we go. That looks perfect. Let's go ahead and add some more of that ground beef. And for our last layer we're just going to top this off with some mozzarella cheese. Now we're going to take one lasagna piece at a time. And just fold it over like that. And we're just going to work our way all the way around. You want to make sure it's nice and tight. There we go. Our last one. Okay now we have our oven preheated to three fifty. And we're going to pop this in. And we're going to cook it for 45 minutes. While our lasagna's cooking I'm going to take four tablespoons of butter and add those to a little saucepan. Now I'm going to sift in four tablespoons of flour. And we're just going to mix this in with the butter. Alright so here I have two cups of milk. I'm just going to add in a little bit. And give that a whisk. You dont want to add it all in at once. Just want to do a little bit at a time. So I'm going to add a little bit of salt. A little bit of black pepper and just a little bit of nutmeg. Give that a good whisk. Last but not least I'm just going to add in some shredded Parmesan cheese. Give it a little more flavour. Make it a little more creamy. Here I have some room temperature butter and to that I'm going to grate a few cloves of garlic. Then I'm going to add in some finely chopped parsley. And just give it a little mix. Now I'm just going to cut an Italian loaf. I'm just going to cut it in half. Now I'm going to take some of our garlic butter that we made. Spread that all over one half. Now I'm going to take some of this mozzarella cheese that we used earlier. And put some on top. And we like a little bit of kick on our garlic bread. So I'm just going to do some red pepper flakes on top. And now we're going to pop this in our air fryer and we're going to set it to 400 and we're just going to cook it for a couple of minutes until that cheese gets nice and melted. It's time to take out our garlic bread. What? That cooked so perfectly. Alright time to take it out. Let's do it. How's it looking? Looks a little weird right now. That looks perfect to me. And now I'm going to take a plate that's just a little bit bigger than our pan. Place that on top. Time for the flip. Yeah we gotta attempt to flip this without ruining it. Not this again. Oh this is hard. Maybe one day I'll get it. Careful. Okay I think I got it. You ready? Yeah. Nice. Wow that fit perfectly in this plate. Yeah it did. I had a viewer say we should use a knife so I'm going to attempt that today. Yeah let's do it. Oh. Look at that. Easy peasy. Shout out to the person that told me to use a knife. Lots of steam coming out. Oh yeah. Ta-da. That looks great. Now we're just going to pour that baconol sauce all on top of the lasagna. Wow. Nice and creamy. Yep. This is going to be so good. And you know we gotta have some parsley on top. Little bit of parsley never hurt. Yep. A moment of truth. Yep. And a nice big slice. Ooh I hope this worked. Alright, lift it up. Did it work? Oh wow. There we go. That is perfect. It all stayed together. Alright, cheers. Cheers. Ten out of 10. That is so good. Gotta try that next. Let me know how it is. That is the best garlic bread I've ever had. Wow.
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