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Suleiman The Magnificent

Sultan Suleiman The Magnificent ruled the Ottoman Empire for 46 years, from 1520 to 1566. He became Sultan at the age of 25. He is known as Kanuni Sultan Süleyman in Turkey.
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Kanuni Sultan Süleyman (Suleiman the Magnificent) is considered as the greatest Sultan of Ottoman Empire. He ordered Mimar Sinan (Chief Architect) to build Süleymaniye Mosque in Istanbul. He was the first Sultan who married with a concubine from Harem. (Commonly known as Hürrem Sultan or Roxelana)

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Suleiman The Magnificent Life, Family, TV Series

A nice read about the renowned Sultan of Ottoman Empire, Suleiman the Magnificent.

Great love stories of the history. Emperor Justinian and his wife Theodora. Sultan Suleiman and Roxelana.

Suleiman the Magnificent was the greatest ruler of Ottoman Empire. He was married to Roxelana (Hurrem Sultan). Nowadays their love story is the subject of a soap opera: Magnificent Century. You can read full story of Suleiman and Roxalana from this article

Sultan Suleiman The Magnificent Of Ottoman Empire

Life Of Sultan Suleiman The Magnificent as the ruler of the Ottoman Empire.