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МК лепка персонажи из мультфильма "Мадагаскар" -Madagascar characters making tutorials V1 - Cake Decorating Tutorials (How To's) Tortas Paso a Paso
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169K views · 5.7K reactions | Making cute Ants 🐜 | Formicidae, video recording | Ants and Uncles 😆 I hope you enjoy this quick how to video 😊 #caketopper #ant #cute | By Zoe's Fancy Cakes | Video I'm going to be showing you is how to make some little cute ants cake toppers. So I'm just starting with some black modeling paste. Now I'm using the Saracino modelling paste. I'm going to start with the ball and I'm going to press in slightly to change the shape of it at the top either side. I'm going to press in with my fingers for the eyes. I'm just using this pointy end tool to create the eye sockets. You could use something like a tool handle though if you don't have this tool. That's absolutely fine. Let's put a small mouth in there. I'm just starting with a little line at the side and then that's just pull that across a little bit so I'm just opening the mouth up a little bit and we're just going to put some little holes in the top of the head but if you want these little antennas go on later let's make some tiny little miniature sort of carrot shapes we're going to bend them slightly and we're going to leave this to one side so that they set a little bit harder and they'll be what goes in as these little antennas later on let's put a bit more of a fold in them so for the bottom end of the body we want to take a piece of paste and I'm going to make it more of a teardrop shape I'm going to roll smaller ball and that will go above the body. This one I think will make him so he's winking maybe so we'll fill one with black, one with white. Just put a tiny little. of black in the eye. A tiny highlight of white and eye. And in this one we'll do exactly the same thing only it's larger eyes. It's a larger ball of white that's going into each eye socket. So I'm going to put a little disc of black in each eye. So I'm just starting to pile together those pieces I've made. So the teardrop at the bottom then a small circle and then the head you're going to take those little antennas that you made earlier and they're just going to drop into the holes on the top of the head. So we're just going to roll some little thin sausage shapes paste. Let's bend them over for the little feet. And then let's put bend in for the knee. And you need six of these guys. I'm just going to push them against the body. Just add a bit of water where you want them to go. So have a bit of a play around with the positioning of the arms or legs. Now this time for the head we're going to go for a slightly different shape. Bit of a teardrop and a pointy end is going to be like his nose area to the bottom of the face and then up near the top of the face we're going to add some eye sockets this time I'm using a balling tool so it's a little bit bigger so I've rolled a ball of paste that I think is going to fit in the eye socket do the same on both sides and the pupils going to go in just like it did on the smaller eyes where it's just a big disc of black let's add a highlight of white and let's add a second one. So, just roll in a thin little piece of marlin paste. I'm going to stick that across the top edge of the eye. I'm going to try and flick out a little bit just to the outer edge. Add a little bit of pink blush. So, I'm just using some pink edible powder for the cheeks. I think it was the rose rainbow dust one that I had to hand here. Which do you prefer? The one with the bigger eyes with the blue around or do you prefer the other one, the first one we made in the video. I'd love to hear which your favorites are. If you want to see the longer version, the live version of this, you can pop over to my Facebook page so is Fancy Cakes and see the full there. Thanks for watching.
Zoe's Fancy Cakes - Making cute Ants 🐜