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14 Unique Gift Wrapping Ideas for Christmas - Creative Holiday Gift Wrap - Country Living

Infuse new life into a thrift-store shirt and brooch. Not only is the result eco-friendly, but, as gift wrap designer Jenn Playford points out, when you remove the brooch and unpin the shirt, you've got three gifts in one.

Cottage in Stradbally, Co. Waterford, Ireland

How to decorate a witch house A lot of books these days will insist that witches don’t really live in whimsical cottages and fairytale houses. Most of us live in modern, everyday homes in cities, towns and t.

Stone and Timber Cottage, Carmel, CA (dreaming of moving there)

This is a charming house in both stone and wood.The walkway with its bench,stone stairs and the stone door frame are marvelous!The large palladian front window gives a pleasant view.

Stone house

This house is in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn. It was always known as The Gingerbread House. Very famous house just for its architecture. I love it!

Old Stone Barn Becomes Cottage

Old+Stone+Barn+Becomes+Cottage 》》》 DUDES! We could build a connected tiny house hogwarts! Have little portico wake as to connect them all, and have a long house in the middle be the great hall/kitchen!