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six metal screws sitting on top of each other
Viking jewelry | Etsy
Hand Forged Nails Set - Eight Nails, Iron Nails, Forged Hardware, Coat Hangers, Hammered Nails
the metal parts are laid out on the ground
Kovano gvožđe Kolaček 1897 - Proizvodi od kovanog gvožđa
Okovi za vrata od kovanog gvozdja Kolacek 1897
a large metal stove sitting inside of a wooden building next to tools and other items
This is Mike's forge. Behind this anvil is where the creation leaves the mind and enters the material. There is a hammer for every job...mos...
a metal object laying on the ground with two wrenches and one piece of wood sticking out of it
Welding Projects
Corner Clamp. Similar clamps sell for over $100 in stores, this guy built it from scrap! Awesome job!
a metal frame sitting on top of a floor in a garage
Folding TIG Table - WeldingWeb™ - Welding forum for pros and enthusiasts
Really cool foldable welding table.
a piece of metal that is sitting on a table with some sort of material in it
@Kingpita_fab is crushing it on #WeaveWednesday. His #MadAllySkills makes for a beautiful Weave. Way to leave your mark, thanks Aaron! #WeldLikeAPro #arczone #welding
an image of a metal object on the ground
Stainless steel tig welding
▶ Stainless steel tig welding - YouTube
a pair of metal scissors on top of a table
tig welding - the fab forums
a close up of a piece of metal with a screwdriver on it's end
TIG welding
a close up of a metal object with wavy lines on it's sides and an oval design in the middle
four different views of the bottom part of a vehicle
New community features for Google Chat and an update on Currents
Amazing Welding Skills
a close up of a bike frame with gold details
extreme quality welding