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three cards with flowers made out of paper on top of a wooden table next to some beads
a table with flowers and cards on it that have been made to look like a game
A wide table with a lot of sensorial material that attracted young children to come and explore. The material also aesthetic and nature, and there are some different kinds of shape, so children can learn more about shape and size. There many different colors that provide opportunities to mix them There is a display that helps children know what are they going to do, and they will create their own flowers.
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Tulipa-tulipas-flor-flores-primavera-molde-risco-desenho-desenhos 406
a paper flower being held up to show the size it is cut out and placed on top of
18 Spring Flower Crafts - Serenity You
an orange watering can on top of a piece of paper next to crayons
Фото 887864856579 из альбома Разное. Смотрите в группе Копилка педагога в ОК
the paper plate flower is made with colored papers
Paper Plate Flower Fine Motor Craft
Paper Plate Flower Fine Motor Craft - Toddler Approved
a poster with flowers and plants on it, including the words vonave poetry
the process to make an art project for kids with leaves and crayons on paper
Magic Marker Leaf Prints - The Kitchen Table Classroom
These leaf prints are super easy because they use just use washable markers to make super detailed prints! #leafart #printmaking #natureart #simpleart
an art project with purple flowers and bees
Lavender flowers
paper flowers made from folded origami are the perfect way to decorate your home
Blooming beauties: 15 flower crafts for Mother's Day
Mother's Day craft paper hyacinths