Step-by-step tutorial for Gerbera daisies

DIY Gerbera Daisy paper flower.

DIY Gerbera Daisy paper flower paper craft idea - could see this added to botanical stamped card.


Nostalgic NeedleART: Rick Rack Roses Easy tutorial on how to make these beautiful Ric Rack Roses

A simple and beautiful hand-stitch fabric

Crafty finds for your inspiration! No.5

Crafty finds for your inspiration! A simple and beautiful hand-stitch for fabric. My grandma used to make pillows with this hand stitch !


Wrap It Up Tutorial - a traditional way of dealing with cord ends. *I like this for leather cords wire wrapped

I ❤ ribbon embroidery . . . French knot- - Bring your needle up at A, the point where the knot is desired, and pull it through.  -- Holding the needle parallel to the fabric, wrap the ribbon around it two to three times. Insert the tip of the needle at B, a thread or two from A. Gently slide wrapped ribbon down the needle to meet the fabric, and pull the needle and trailing ribbon through.

Ribbon Embroidery How To

Silk ribbon embroidery is a beautiful craft that creates appealing designs on clothes. If you are beginner searching for silk ribbon embroidery basics, I hope this post will be helpful.

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