Koala mother and baby.

Baby Koala Joeys are very small in terms of their size when they are born. At the time of their birth baby Koala joeys are just around 19 millimeters. Baby Koala joeys at the time of a birth are usually comparative to the size of the bees and small c


Sacred Nature Gorilla baby safe with gentle and loving mother - tenderness. This looks to me to be a baby gorilla being stroked to sleep. It is a sweet precious photo.

Love, it always looks the same no matter who or what is giving it!

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Baby love

A picture is worth a thousand words. Such a precious picture of a Gorilla mother and baby "Newborn” by Marina Cano

Bear hug

~~Happy Mother's Day ~ Brown Bear cub hugging Mom by Giovanni Mari~~don't you just love 'bear hugs':))


A Bright Love

Lamps in a park, Turin, Italy. pines they told us; How innocent we were. how naive. how vulnerable. even lamps have hearts you idiots!

Giraffe kissing her baby........

Giraffe kissIng her baby

First kiss /// This is just so cute. A loving mom plops a kiss on the baby's head. I love the baby giraffe's flat ears!