Felt and zipper

Zipper and needle felt how to - photos only -- Cut off zipper tape quite near zipper teeth, then heat seal with flame. Baste teeth chain into place on felt base; needle felt to fill areas of design. ((upcycling-pimp-up-refashion-ideas))

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I made these for Gavins " Little Monster Birthday". Printed out a Adopt a Monster certificate to give out with them!

Work Natali Gurinoj from Kostromy felt houses on a purse/bag Работа Натальи Гуриной из Костромы

(too big for me but I love the idea. )cj Work Natali Gurinoj from Kostromy felt…

Instructions for Nuno Felted Scarf by nownzen on Etsy

Using Nuno felting techniques, be prepared to be elated as you transform layers of hand-painted silk, wool roving and novelty art yarns into gorgeous

Needle felting

Pixies and mermaids and faeries – Oh my!

I don’t know about you all, but this artist is one of the best sculptors I’ve seen yet.Her name is Michelle Bradshaw and all of her work is amazing! She not only sculpts fantastic fae& miniature animal

What is Needle Felting?

What is Needle Felting?

How does soft fluffy wool turn into an intricate animal sculpture? Information to help you understand what needle felting is and how it works.


A bold , abstract zipper and felt pod brooch. The approx dimensions of this brooch are 2 x The perfect brooch to bring a dramatic touch to


Lline of art wearables, created by textile artist and clothing designer Yekaterina Mokeyeva.

The Creative Caravan: Mission Accomplished! Wet Felting 3D Hats

The Creative Caravan: Mission Accomplished! Wet Felting Hats - interesting tip for making a hat block