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So-Cute Pumpkin Decorating Ideas

Car and Camper Pumpkins - beyond awesome! More Creative Pumpkin Carving Ideas and Patterns:/halloween/pumpkin-carving/pumpkin-carving-ideas/

Gourd Ducks..too cute!

[2011-08-03] How my friend's dad uses his extra squash [funny]

I showed the kids how to make yellow squash into ducks. Then, we made a really delicious Yellow Squash Casserole with them.

gourd by Kathi Klopfenstein

gourd by Kathi Klopfenstein. I'm pretty sure this is what I want to do. A bit of carving, hole piercing with the dremel tool, then weave onto the gourd. I need to think seriously about color first!

I adore art pieces by artists with a vision. They take a found object from nature and make it into an even more spectacular piece of art. *Gourd Art by David and Rosie Claus

Cher is back on the charts with ‘Woman’s World’

*Gourd Art by David and Rosie Claus Could do something similar by adding fiber to ceramics.