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Petite Ribbon and Pearl Pleated Bib Necklace by maneggi on Etsy

Aqua and Grey Oversized Statement Pearl and Ribbon by maneggi

Granite counters with a clean white backsplash?..love the open shelving to display all white serving pieces

fresh flowers, fresh oranges... :)

Why Put Lemons in a Vase With Flowers

Lemons cut in half, change out the white flowers with fall colored ones and perfect party center place!

35 DIY Ideas for Creative Floral Arrangements

Colorful flower arrangement– put a container inside a vase to hold lemon slices in place... Fill the whole thing with water.

15 Gorgeous Flower Tricks That Will Blow Your Mind

Gallery and Photo Wall Inspiration Ideas

Looking for inspiration to create your own gallery or photo wall? Check out these lovely inspiration photos to help inspire you to create your own gallery.

36 Stylish Primitive Home Decorating Ideas

primitive home decor images | 36 Stylish Primitive Home Decorating Ideas

DECORATE WITH... MIRRORS! Ideas + Inspiration + Fabulous Finds for decorating with mirrors in your home decor