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Ivor Svetlansky

Ivor Svetlansky
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Architects design cat shelters for animal charity fundraiser

Architects design cat shelters for animal charity fundraiser. I don't have or want a cat, but this is a good idea for when I end up with one.

This blog entry was originally posted 1 year ago.  I have added additional commentary and photos that I thought may be helpful.   We did it!...

The Very Best Cats: How to Make a Winter Shelter for an Outdoor Cat -- I like the clear plastic so you can monitor the state of the cat inside, or the straw for any dampness.

Shipping Container Homes

Do this for a tiny wooden house. Just hinge a deck to the side of the house that can fold up if you have to move it. Build in legs for the deck for when it's down, and that also fold up when you move. - To connect with us, and our community of people

How To Build A Self-Resetting Mouse Trap (Super effective & it keeps catching mice)

5 Gallon, Self-Resetting Mouse Trap - The bucket mouse trap catches many mice in a single trap and does not need to be reset between mice. It’s also so simple to make that you probably already have most the parts parts needed lying around your home.