picturesque... this is a Canoe in the rapids, by Winslow Homer

Manvotional: The Majesty of Calmness

A fresco inside the catacomb of Priscilla in Rome, November 2013. The catacomb was used for Christian burials from the late 2nd through the 4th century CE. Photo by Reuters/Max Rossi

CHRISTIANITY - How an obscure oriental cult in a corner of Roman Palestine grew to become the dominant religion of the Western world / AEON

Detail from Senecio by Paul Klee. 1922. Oil on gauze. Kunstmuseum, Basel. Photo by Corbis

Let’s ditch the dangerous idea that life is a story – Galen Strawson

2016 in pictures: The best science images of the year

This spectacular tarsus — the lowermost segment of an insect leg — is millimetres in diameter and belongs to a male diving beetle, which uses it to attach to a female’s back during mating.

house fallen in sea during storm. engraving woodcut

Manvotional: Foundations

Manvotional: Foundations yes but is the rich (NWO)setting the stage to save themselves and leave the lower classes to fend for themselves against all odds of unfair survival that is evil if so

Pascal-Adolphe-Jean Dagnan-Bouveret -- The Blessing of the Young Couple Before Marriage

Pascal-Adolphe-Jean Dagnan-Bouveret — Blessing of the Young Couple Before Marriage,

difference between dinner supper

What's the Difference Between Dinner and Supper?

Hardly anyone calls the midday meal dinner anymore, but when they did, the latest meal was called "supper.


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Be nice to nerds

Be nice to nerds

Be nice to nerds: Forget the cool kids. Geeks are now shaping new products and services

Why Is It Hard to Make Friends Over 30?

Why Is It Hard to Make Friends Over 30?




A web app that helps you put delicious, seasonal food on the table. Weekly meal plans, custom meal planning, and automatic shoppings lists.


Home-made strawberry jam cooked for only 10 minutes saves time and vitamins. with agar-agar and just sprinkle of sugar for a gooey jam.

Evolution and the Purposes of Life  Stephen L. Talbott

Stephen L. Talbott on biology’s unasked questions about the goal-directed activities of organisms

waterless toilet

Better sanitation can help break the cycle of poverty in developing countries. And with the world's population ever-increasing, places that historically relied on water for sanitation may have to reconsider how they flush.