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a house made out of logs and flowers
58 Firewood Storage Idea In Outdoor - Homiku.com
there is a firewood rack made out of logs
Remodeling and renovation of modern garden design with modern planting - Landscaping | 2019
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a stack of wood sitting on top of a sidewalk
a large pile of wood sitting on top of a lush green field
My solution to stacking 10 chords of wood. A few large cinder blocks and pressure treated posts.
several stacks of logs sitting next to each other on the side of a white building
Storing fire wood. Clean looking and organized. Keeps fire wood dry and off wet soil.
a wooden gate with metal posts in front of a wood fence and stone flooring
Wooden fire rack, cheap, easy and elegant.
several piles of logs stacked on top of each other
Firewood holder Step 1: Purchase 2 cinder blocks from your local hardware store Step 2: Purchase 6 (pre-cut) - 4' 2x4's or cut 6-2x4's to 4' in length Step 3: Place the cinder blocks the length of the 4' 2x4 and place 2-2x4's at the end of the cinder blocks as pictured Step 4: ✅