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Carved wooden spoons Part of the traditional courtship ritual in Sweden used to be for the suitor to carve a wooden spoon for his intended. Some became quite elaborate. I don't seem to have received any carved wooden spoons yet, though.

Wood Carving, Wood Spirit, Native American Indian Wind Spirit

Native American Indian Wood Carvings | Wood Carving Wood Spirit Native American Indian Wind Spirit | eBay

well, if i haven't done something totally silly, this may end up as my first folding spoon, from a rapidly-drying piece of box wood. i daren't hollow the bowl till I've made the hinge cuts, but i'm aware it's going to be hard to hold for doing the hollowing.... we'll just have to see how it goes. Must press-on, I don't want it any drier than it is now! #spoonsfromthewood #marriagespoons #foldingspoon #cuillèredemariage #cuillèredapparat #buis

Butterfly design Engraved Wooden Women Comb Hair Gift for Mom Wife Sister Personalized gift for her Hair accessories Christmas Accessory

Butterfly wooden comb for woman Hair comb Gift idea for Women Mom Friend Wife

Hand carved wooden combs and hair pins in walnut, ash, yew, elm and box. Buy online.

Owl, Wood Carving, Hand Carved, Wall Art Sculpture, Wall Plaque, Handmade Woodworking, Original Art, Wood Gift for Him, by Josh Carte, Ohio

Owl Wood Carving Hand Carved Wall Art Sculpture от JoshCarteArt

turtle wood carving hand carved от IveGotWoodCarvings на Etsy

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