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profile of soil; soil is everything. Whenever I put other peoples kitchen scraps into the garden I feel Im gaining a bit. If I see organic produce being wasted into the bin (landfill 6 feet under the ground) I feel that we have just ripped of the earth a bit

Hussite church with belfry (Lucka, Slovakia) by kubo.kocica

St. Michael church in Drazovce (Nitra, Slovakia) by kubo.kocica

St. Joseph sculpture by kubo.kocica

Illustrated map of Ortigia by studio formagramma #graphicdesign #italy #map

Marian column (Nitra, Slovakia) by kubo.kocica

Westley Richards - Beautiful Droplock Double Rifle

archidose - Madrid Theme City Atelier Teratoma

Corgoň sculpture (Nitra, Slovakia) by kubo.kocica