Night panorama on Bratislava Castle and St. Martin's cathedral from the UFO New Bridge Restaurant.   Night Panorama shows the New Bridge with UFO Restaurant and Bratislava castle on the right side of river Danube.  (c) Maroš Žilinčan Photography /

Because, yes yes I wanted to go that 300 feet above the see UFO restaurant.

Parliament of Slovak Republic in front of #Bratislava Castle. More on

City center of Bratislava - Old town - Staré mesto

Presidential (Grassalkovich's) Palace in #Bratislava. More on

Bratislava, Slovkia is just incredible. This article is about its bratislava castle, bratislava attractions, bratislava architecture, Bratislava mhd (Mestská

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Slavín war memorial and cemetery for fallen Soviet Armyt-bratislava.

Distances to the world metropoles from the Michale's gate in Bratislava city center. More on

Discover Bratislava, the capital of Slovakia, on this sightseeing tour from Vienna.

Stairs to the Museom of weapons in Michael's tower. More on

Stairs to the Museom of weapons in Michael's tower, Bratislava, Slovakia.

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In Bratislava there are several lakes where you can safely swim during the summer season. See the list below for further details about the lakes in Bratislava.

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“I’ve just sat down in a pub in Bratislava Old Town, Slovakia, and I can hear English voices around me.

#Bratislava castle and St. Martin's Cathedral from #Petržalka side. More on

Bratislava castle and St. Martin's Cathedral from Petržalka side

Panorama from #UFO outlook tower on #Bratislava castle, St. Martin's Cathedral and old town. More on

The most significant symbol of the city - the Bratislava castle - is located in the very center of Bratislava. Its interesting design with four towers on each side shapes the panorama of Bratislava from every angle.