Русиньска вышывка

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the label is attached to an item that appears to be made from fabric and material
the cross stitch pattern is shown in red and white, with different designs on it
Российский Сервис Онлайн-Дневников
the different types of stitchs and how to use them in embroidery projects, including crochet
Мезенская роспись: материалы, цвета, мастер-класс
an old red and green piece of cloth on a black background with the number forty - 46
Образец вышивки. Украинцы : русины
a colorful beaded necklace with beads hanging from it
Криза лемківська чорна
a cross stitch pattern with hearts and flowers on the front, in multicolors
Embroidery designs from the Rusyn village of Čertižné - Чертіжне, Slovakia
a cross stitch pattern with different colors and designs on it, including an image of a flower
Узори гуцулів. Гуцульські орнаменти. Гуцульська вишивка від Галини Михайлюк
a cross stitch pattern with different colors and designs on it, including an orange border
Overview of the costumes of the Lemkos / Rusyns part 5. Drienica area.
a red beaded necklace with colorful beads on it and a red ribbon around the neck
Traditional Ukrainian Lemko Seed Bead Necklace Krywulka. Red Beaded Collar Traditional Lemko Kryza Tribal Necklace Boho Jewelry Ethnic Style - Etsy
an orange and red beaded necklace with tassels
Costume of the Komanche region, Lemkovyna
Slovak Embroidery, Carpatho Rusyn, Blouse Collar, Embroidered Linen, Ethnic Dress, Linen Blouse, Collar Blouse, Slovakia
SLOVAK FOLK COSTUME embroidered linen blouse Carpatho-Rusyn ethnic dress Torysky