Slovakia / Hi man! My name is Samuel and i love rock music,especially Nirvana. Hope u will like what i am gonna post :D
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dave grohl in nirvana and dave grohl in the Foo Fighters

Dave Grohl- inspirational ma, he said he is on this world to make music. Looking at him as young man to now and he is still making music and doing what he loves. never tossing it in!

Kurt Cobain

It's interesting, because while there's a certain selfish gratification in having any number of people buy your records and come to see you play, none of that holds a candle to simply hearing a song that I've written played by a band.

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Its cool, but the song is called "Sliver", not "Silver", and "The Man Who Sold The World" was a cover they did of a David Bowie song live in New York.